Stove car lifts

The quickest way to reach your underground garage

More space
to live in

Give yourself more room to live in. Make maximum use of your surface area above and below ground. Drive your car in on the ground floor, press a button and drive out in your basement. Sometimes life can be so wonderfully simple. Losing space by using it for a sloped incline is outdated. Sit comfortably while your car lift takes you to the right level. The lift allows you to use all of the above ground space for your family, work and hobbies.

Always in

In your car or home… you have complete control of the car lift. Safety rubber bumpers or light beams ensure the vicinity is safe and stops the lift automatically when there is the slightest doubt. In any case, you always have full control. Take your finger off the button and the lift stops immediately. For additional freedom, all car lifts are equipped with a stand-by battery. So you can always lower the lift even when the electricity is out.

in place

Out of sight and out of the reach of thieves. A car lift provides potential burglars with no opportunities for breaking in. Your car is concealed and stored safely in your underground space. And, you can enjoy the space and elegance of a free driveway at all times. It is not only more attractive, it also provides you with additional parking space for your guests or visitors.

More than
a car lift

Make your underground storage space accessible and use all of your available space. A table lift is more than a car lift. It allows you to easily stack your winter wood, bicycles, patio furniture and so on. Your car lift makes it easy to move all of your stuff to the right place. And saves you from back pain. Now that’s something all right.

100% Belgian

Starting in 1912, Stove continues to be a leader in the design and manufacture of automated machines and conveyor systems. Our products are custom designed and manufactured by our own staff and contractors. From the first bolt to the last screw: all parts of a Stove car lift are 100% Belgian. So you can be sure of the best quality.

The pluses
of a Stove car lift

  • Platform with extra grip
  • Installation within one workday
  • Only 70 centimetres of depth is required
  • Custom platforms
  • CE approved safety rubbers or light strip
  • Easy operation with remote control or keypad

Choose your
own car lift

  • Available in all colours
  • Integrated water drainage
  • Available in powder coating or stainless steel
  • Quiet motor for increased comfort
  • Frequency regulator for smooth adjustment