Stove car lifts

car lift


A remote control and a car lift. This is all you need to benefit from the underground space in your home. The S1 car lift turns your basement into a garage. The platform quickly transports you and your car to the right floor. Easy to operate, even easier to park.

Turn your basement into a garage

Easy to park
easy to operate

car lift


Not one, but two parking spaces on the same spot. The S2 car lift is a double decker. You can park at two different levels without losing any extra surface space.  So you always have a free parking space and can make the most of your space. You can safely store your classic vintage car underground while your day-to-day car is always available in the above-ground garage.

Safe parking always available

car lift


Go undercover. The S3 car lift is so modest that you cannot see it. The outdoor lift disappears into the surroundings and only appears when you want it to. The uppermost platform is a concealed part of your driveway. It is finished entirely with matching paving or beautifully finished as part of your lawn. A push of a button reveals the secret underneath. The lift rises out of the ground like a mirage. Drive out and you’re ready to go.

yet still available

car lift


Custom built for apartment blocks and public spaces. It only takes the S4 car lift thirty seconds to bring a car and its passengers to the underground parking area. And back. For easy and safe use, the lift consists of a lighted cage in a sealed shaft. Traffic lights tell you exactly when the lift is free and when your car is correctly positioned. This is thanks to the four light beams that detect any movement. Your communal car lift is equipped with push buttons, a keypad and/or a personal remote control. The compact car lift provides additional parking in communal underground garages.

A car lift for everyone


360° freedom

Impossible turns are a thing of the past. Drive onto the platform, choose a direction and let it rotate. Enjoy 360 degrees of freedom and the ease of electric control. Left or right: it’s simply a matter of pressing the right button. You get to choose. Make lost space accessible by using a free-standing turntable on your existing floor slab. Or opt for a sleek finish with a built-in turntable. The platform is concealed and provides you with the utmost freedom of movement and aesthetics.